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In today’s time as most of our work is done online, to safeguard your precious information from being stolen or misused by the cyberattackers your system must have an outstanding antivirus installed. Among all the cybersecurity solutions Webroot Secure Anywhere is the top-grade, next generation antivirus that fits best to detect and block the ever-evolving threats. To utilize this robust security antivirus product you must have to walkthrough the Webroot Download and installation process.

Descriptive procedure to purchase the Webroot subscription online

  • Launch the preferred web browser- In the initial phase, use any of the preferred web browsers. For instance, you have multiple web browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and so forth. In the address field, type webroot.com to reach the main webpage of Webroot and hit the Enter key.
  • Access the main website of Webroot- On the following window, look at the top of the page, and there you will get products for the business and personal use. If the users have to select the product for the home use, move your cursor and click on the inverted triangle icon next to the For Home option. Then, select the product by analyzing the features of the product. Similarly, you can also opt for the products for Business purpose by going through all the list of products available.
  • Reach the Webroot Product Window
  • As a result, it will take you to the Webroot product window that you have opted to purchase. Once you have selected the product as per your suitability, select up to how many devices you want to use the devices. Along with this, also select the number of years for which you want to download the application.Then, click Add to Cart option.
  • Fill in the Billing Information- The next step is to mention the appropriate Billing information. For this you have to fill in the details such as shipping address, full name, username, and so on. After filling all the details, recheck it before moving ahead with the Webroot Download process.
  • Choose the payment options- In the same window, pick out the appropriate mode of payment as per your convenience. After that, you have to insert the card details like Credit card number, security code and date of expiration. Then, press the Buy Now button to conclude the purchase procedure.

Useful steps for Webroot Download

After completing the initial stage of purchasing the Webroot subscription you have to move to the final stage i.e Webroot Download. 

  1. In the beginning, open the internet browser as per your choice as mentioned earlier.
  2. Go to webroot.com by typing it in the address field correctly and then press the Enter key from your keyboard.
  3. Following that, press the My Account tab and simply log in to your Webroot account. Be very attentive and alert while filling the webroot login details and hit the Sign In tab.
  4. Now, look at the Inbox of your email address and navigate for the mail received from Webroot. Click on the file once you get it and open the same on your computer.
  5. After this, tap on the downloaded link that you get along with the purchase confirmation mail and it will start with the Webroot Download process. Look at the progress bar and wait for it to complete and the time taken of downloading will totally depend upon the speed of the internet. 
  6. Hence, this concludes the downloading process of Webroot antivirus online.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How can I install the Webroot software after downloading it on my computing device?

Ans. You can install the online downloaded setup file of Webroot using the installation CD that comes with the product box. Apart from this, you can also download it  online. To download it using the installation CD, take out the CD from the cover and insert it properly into the system’s CD drive and then click Setup option if prompted. Whereas, to install it online press the Ctrl and J keys altogether from your keyboard and access the downloaded setup file. Double-click on the online downloaded Webroot file and start with the installation process. The installation steps will be the same whether you are using the CD or not. Thereafter, run the window by clicking on the Run option from the window.After this, insert the Webroot Activation keycode properly into the assigned field by copying from the email address received or from the retail card and tap Continue. Analyze the Webroot’s Software License agreement and tick the corresponding checkbox. In the end, click Agree and Install tab to complete the installation after Webroot Download. 

Q2. How to get rid of Webroot Download issues?

Ans. At times, the users might have to face the issue while downloading the Webroot antivirus online. To fix these issues have a look on some of the solutions that will help in fixing these problems.

  • Download the Webroot setup file as per your compatible operating system. To do so, verify the system specifications before downloading it on your device.
  • You must be connected with a good internet speed throughout the whole downloading process. 
  • Remove the already downloaded file of Webroot antivirus installed into your system. You can do so by accessing the system’s control panel and then opt for programs and features. Right-click on the file and click the Uninstall option.
  • Restart your computing device.