Webroot Internet Security


What is Webroot?

Webroot is equipped with a wide range of virus protection software such as Webroot Internet SecurityInternet Security Complete, and Antivirus Gamers. Also, Webroot comprises mobile apps and Wifi security software that safeguards you from online threats. Webroot Products can be easily operated on Windows laptops, Macs, Android devices, and iPhones. Further, Webroot antivirus and Wifi security programs protect you from spying threats so that any unauthorized user cannot damage or harm your device without your knowledge. It does not impact your PC performance, browser speed, or data limit, and whenever you launch the software for scanning. When you browse online, the software hides your IP address so that nobody can trace your private or financial information. Further, if you connect to an unsecured Wifi network to carry out online activities, it provides you protection over the network. In addition, the software ensures the online safety of your whole family, protects their identities, and maintains ultimate privacy.

Key Features of Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus includes specific features that play a vital role in protecting your PC from cyberattacks and viruses. Have a look at the below-listed features that you can enable after installing the software via webroot.com/safe. 

➔ Webroot delivers superior and excellent protection as it takes about 20 seconds to scan your PC without affecting its performance. Hence, it scans your device 60 times faster than other antivirus and your PC will be virus-free within a few seconds. 

➔ The software provides absolute Identity Theft Protection and protects your Usernames, Personal Information, and Account Numbers against vulnerabilities. So, it prevents your financial and personal information from illegitimate access. 

➔ Webroot Antivirus offers Webcam Protection that does not let any unauthorized user to hijack your webcam. If someone tries to gain access to your system through trojan malware, Webroot blocks it immediately and hence maintains your privacy. 

➔ Webroot has an Anti-Phishing technology that easily identifies phishing content contained in Websites, emails, software, etc. It gives you an alert whenever you attempt to browse any malicious content, websites, or spam emails so that you may not access it.

What are the advantages of having a Webroot Antivirus?

Webroot offers exclusive advantages that you can avail after obtaining its free-trial or paid-subscription. Here is a list of advantages. 

  1. Webroot antivirus software provides 25 GB of secure online storage that safeguards your confidential emails by backing them up automatically. So with the subscription of Webroot product, you will get 25 GB Cloud storage.
  2. It eradicates and eliminates all the traces of online activity when you browse the web. So, Webroot secures your private information from hackers. 
  3. Webroot Antivirus provides a multi-layered firewall that regularly monitors the traffic received and sent from your computer while connecting with the internet. Hence, it blocks suspicious traffic within real-time. 
  4. With one subscription, you can protect up to 3 PCs, Macs and ensure total protection. Thus by acquiring Webroot antivirus, you can prevent all your devices i.e PC, Mac, Android smartphones, and iPhone.

Minimum System Requirements for Webroot.com/safe

The system requirement needs to be fulfilled in order to install the antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. If your device on which you are going to set up the software does not support the below-listed requirements, then you will definitely face installation errors. Hence for smooth functioning, look at the minimum system requirements that are given here. 

  • Operating System
    Webroot Antivirus can be easily run on Mac or Windows computers. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista inclusive 32-bit, and 64-bit versions. Further, the software is absolutely compatible with OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13. On mobile, Webroot Antivirus can smoothly function on Android phones and tablets, Apple devices(iOS 10 or later) iPhone, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Hard-Disk Space and RAM
    Your device must have at least 15 MB space to install the software via webroot.com/safe. If not, run the Disk-Cleanup and make some space on your system. In addition, it is mandatory to have 128 MB RAM on your system.
  • Supported Web Browsers
    It is important that you must access the secure and supported web browser recommended by Webroot for installing the software. You can access Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer on Windows for accessing webroot.com/safe. While on Mac, you can run either Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Also, the web browser you launch must be of the updated version and should not include past history or cache files.

How to download webroot antivirus?

If you are a new user of Webroot, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the antivirus. After that, you can buy its subscription to continue with the services. Here are the detailed and practically tested procedures that will guide you step-by-step for downloading the free trial and paid-subscription of Webroot

➔ Download a Free Trial
      1. Navigate to webroot.com. Select “For Home” to expand the Product & Services menu. Continuing with this, select the “Free Trials” option. 
      2. By doing so, all the products that you can try before purchase will come into view. 
      3. Beneath the section of webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, click “Start Free Trial” for protecting your system from viruses for free for at most 14 days. 
      4. Following this, you need to provide some of the specific details i.e First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and country name. 
      5. After submitting all the details, click “Start Free Trial”. This will automatically begin downloading the antivirus. Also, note down the keycode that is displayed on your computer screen.  
➔ Buy Webroot Antivirus and then Download 
      1. The primary step is to bring up the Webroot official website. For that purpose, input the URL webroot.com in the address bar. To move ahead, press the Enter key. 
      2. You will arrive at the homepage, select “For Home”. Under the “Virus Protection” heading, you are needed to select the “Antivirus” option, 
      3. A new window will pop-up, you have to make a choice for a “number of devices” and “years” for which you want to continue the subscription. Proceed forward by clicking on “Add to Cart” button.
      4. Provide the Billing Address details i.e, First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Postal Code, City, Country, and Email Address. Then, comprehensively and carefully read the Privacy Policy. 
      5. You can distinguish between “PayPal” or “Credit Card” payment methods and select one accordingly. Input all the payment details and click Buy Now. 
      6. Now, access the order confirmation link and then click “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac” on the basis of your operating system. This will quickly webroot Download the software. 
      7. After the setup file is downloaded, click Save and pick a folder in which you want to store the installation file.

Where to find the webroot product key?

  1. The location of Webroot Keycode depends on your way of purchase. The steps for finding your keycode are completely different for online and offline purchases. Here, you will find comprehensive information that will help you to locate your keycode. Once you locate the activation code, you can move forward to redeem it via webroot.com/safe.

    Multiple locations from where you can acquire the Keycode

    If you have downloaded a free trial or purchase a Webroot product via the web, you will get an instant email on the Webroot linked email address. View the mail and copy-paste the code from there only.
    But in the event of offline purchase, you will be given a retail card with the Keycode. Grab the retail card and if you see that the keycode is hidden with a silver lining, scratch it to uncover the Webroot product key code.
    If you have a “webroot.com/safe” account, you can simply access your account page, go to Subscriptions and all the products that are within the validity period will be shown to you. There, you can view your keycode for the different subscriptions you have acquired.

How to Install & Activate webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe

Following are the procedures that will help you to install and activate the software either by accessing the “webroot.com/safe” setup file or via CD. Also, if you want to activate a new product key, you can do so by simply launching the application. Hence, pursue the below-stated procedures. 

➔ Via Downloaded File
      1. Access the folder in which you have manually saved the “webroot.com/safe” setup file. To step further, double-click the file, and the “Installation” dialog box will become visible on your screen. 
      2. Press the “Installation Options” tab to change the default location. Click Browse and a list of all the Folders that are available on your system will be presented on your screen. In addition, change the language and “Proxy Settings” as per your preference. 
      3. Click on the back-arrow icon to return to the installation window. Hover your cursor and place it over the Keycode field. Now, copy the product code from the order confirmation mail and paste it in the keycode field on the installation window. 
      4. Tap “Agree and Install” and the User Account Control pop-up box will emerge on your screen. Simply click “Yes” to grant necessary permissions to the program. 
      5. The “Register Device” window will turn up on your screen. Type your email address into the space allotted and proceed forward by clicking Continue. 
      6. Webroot SecureAnywhere Solution Agreement will display on your screen. You will spot the agreement link on the same dialog box, click on it. Thoroughly read each and every statement mentioned in the document. To resume, tap “Agree and Continue”. 
      7.  When the installation completes, you will get to see the “You are Protected” window. Click on “Start Using Webroot SecureAnywhere”. This concludes “www.webroot.com/safe” installation and activation. 
➔ Using a Webroot Software CD

If you have a software CD of Webroot Antivirus, there is no need to visit a website. You can install the software simply by inserting the CD. Unwrap the CD and insert it into the DVD drive. A dialog box will automatically open up on your system. If not, you must navigate to your CD drive, and run the installation file. Now, the main installer window will be shown to you. You have to state the keycode into its assigned field that you have got from your service provider. Then, click “Agree and Install” and within a few moments, your software will get installed. 

➔ Activate Through Application

Users can also activate a new antivirus keycode by launching the Webroot SecureAnywhere application. To do so, access the application by clicking on its icon. In the bottom-right corner of the main interface, you will get to see the “My Account” option. Click on the gear-icon given besides the “My Account” option. Following this, a new window will pop-up on your computer screen. Under the segment of “Activate a new Keycode” input your product code into the space provided. Finally, click “Activate” and your subscription will be activated instantly. This way you can perform “webroot.com/safe” activation by accessing the application.

How to Reinstall webroot antivirus?

You need to reinstall Webroot Antivirus if the application is not opening or the software does not scan your computer whenever you click “Start scanning”. All this indicates that the software gets corrupted and you have to reinstall it to resume working. But before moving for installation, it is necessary to uninstall the software first. 

➔ Uninstall Previous Webroot Installed File

By following the below-mentioned steps, you can uninstall your webroot.com/safe software without any hassle. 

      • If you are a Windows user, you have to access the Control Panel application for deleting any program. Hence, click on the “Start” icon, search for the Control Panel, and then select it. Continuing with this, tap “Programs” and locate “Webroot Antivirus” among all the installed applications. Following this, right-click on Webroot Antivirus and press “Uninstall”. A pop-up will get displayed, click Yes. 
      • On Mac, you can do so by opening the Finder application. Then access the Applications folder and place the cursor over “Webroot Antivirus”. Afterwards,  transfer it to the Trash folder. Now, launch the Trash folder and click Empty Trash. This will uninstall the Webroot Antivirus file from your Mac. 
➔ Reinstall the Software via webroot.com/safe

After performing the “Uninstall” process, reinstall the software via webroot.com/safe by following the effective steps listed below:

      • Run a web browser and visit webroot.com/safe. Provide your email address that belongs to your Webroot Login Account and then enter the product key code.
      • Click Next and then tap “Download Now’. This will show you the downloading status with the expected time remaining in the bottom-left corner of the screen. 
      • When the file gets downloaded, click Run, and the Installer window will come into view. Click “Installation Options”, change the default installation location and select the language that you are well aware of for operating the software.
      • Then, enter your webroot product keycode, click “Agree and Install” and keep waiting till the Webroot antivirus gets installed on your system. In this manner, you can reinstall the software via webroot.com/safe.

Common issues while installing webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe

There are certain situations when users encounter issues while installing the webroot antivirus. Below-listed are some errors and troubleshooting so that you can install the software via webroot.com/safe without any hindrance. Therefore, look at the given helpful tips and suggestions that will quickly resolve installation issues. 

      1. In case the installation processing starts but is not finishing, check the signals of your Wifi. Ensure that the internet quality is good or average. But if your system does not get proper signals, power cycle your router/modem. 
      2. If the “File can’t open” error message pops-up, you need to verify that the operating system you have selected at the point of downloading is true and correct. 
      3. In case, you are facing the “Invalid Product Key” message, confirm and validate that you are typing all the alphanumeric characters of the keycode correctly. Also, ensure that you enter the Product keycode for the correct subscription. 
      4. You must not have any previous file of Webroot Secureanywhere as it may block the installation of the software. So if you have any file, delete it first and then try for installation via webroot.com/safe. 
      5. You might face installation issues if you have not downloaded the updated version of Webroot antivirus. In such scenarios, download the current version of the software first and then proceed for installation via webroot.com/safe.


Thus, Webroot provides cloud-based protection to individuals and businesses to stop threats in real-time. Webroot services give multi-vector protection to all your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices and prevent them against viruses. By installing the software, your online banking details and confidential data will remain secured from cyberthreats or online attacks. Given above are the clear, concise, and descriptive procedures that will help you in setting up the Webroot software on your multiple devices.