Webroot Internet Security


Webroot Internet Security

Webroot Internet Security provides absolute and maximum protection to all your devices including Mac, PCs, Tablets, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. The software includes some extraordinary and incredible features such as Lightning Fast Scans, Webcam Protection, Identity Theft Protection, Secure Online Storage, and a lot more. Furthermore, it offers you secure browsing which signifies that you can browse different websites without worrying about any phishing attacks. The software encrypts all your confidential details with a master password such as Username, Webroot Login Credentials, Debit Card or Credit Card information, etc. So, Internet Security software guarantees your total protection whenever you browse the web or carry out online activities such as bank transactions, online shopping, etc.

Available Plans of Webroot Internet Security

Webroot Internet Security has two different plans that you can acquire on the basis of your requirements and the subscription price. Here are the details of both the Plans of Internet Security. 

  1. Internet Security Plus: Internet Security Plus is a software that can provide advanced protection to 5 PCs, Macs, Tablets, or Smartphones. You can also get protection for 3 devices based on your usability. Further, you can customize the selection of “number of years” till you want to continue the subscription. After acquiring the plan, you can get all the features such as Fast Scans, Securing Browsing, Mobile Security, Webcam Protection, Identity Theft Protection, and Secure Password Management. 
  2. Internet Security Complete: Webroot Internet Security Complete provides enhanced security to 5 PCs, Macs, Tablets,” or Smartphones with one subscription. It already includes all the basic features of “Internet Security Plus” with two additional features i.e “System Optimizer” and “Automatic Backup and Online Storage”. System Optimizer is a maintenance tool that completely erases all past history, online activities, and cache files. Also, it scans your hard drive and helps you in eliminating all the irrelevant and unusable files. In addition, it provides you 25 GB cloud storage that will help you in protecting all your digital photos and other sensitive files from unauthorized access.

Complete Guidelines to Setup Webroot Software

Before beginning with the software setup, you must consider all its System Requirements to avoid unnecessary disruptions or setup errors. Whether you are installing the software on Windows or Mac or Windows operating system, it is necessary to have 128 MB RAM and 10 MB Hard Disk Space. Also, the compatible and reliable web browsers for setting up the software are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Further, if you are going to install Webroot Internet Security on mobile, there must be a 6 MB free storage space. 

  1. Access a compatible and functional web browser to reach the Webroot official website. Input webroot.com in the web browser’s address field and press the Enter key to launch the homepage.
  2. Click “For Home” from the homepage and then select one of the plans i.e “Internet Security Plus” or “Internet Security Complete”. Another window will be viewed on your screen, hit “Add to Cart” tab for initiating the purchase. 
  3. For placing an order, Webroot will ask you to input your Billing Address details. Therefore, complete all the fields consisting of your Name, Email Address, Postal Code, City, State, etc. 
  4. Now, make a suitable choice between the possible payment options and then mention all the requested details. Then, click “Buy Now”. 
  5. To confirm and verify your purchase, access the confirmation mail containing the download link that you have received on your provided email id. For downloading, click on the link mentioned in the email. 
  6. When you notice that the download is over, click Run, and the Webroot Internet Security Installer window will be presented on your screen. Tap on the “Install Options” tab and make a choice for a folder in which you intend to store the installed application. 
  7. Return to the Installer window and thoroughly study the License Agreement. Make sure that you do not ignore any statement given in the installation agreement. Then, enter your activation keycode and if you comply with the agreement, press the “Agree and Install” button. 
  8. This will start the installation and if your device is receiving the better Wifi signals, the software will get installed within a few minutes. 
  9. When done, you will get to see a new window, click on the “Scan Now” button for detecting all the existing viruses on your system.